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Family dentistry in Katy, Texas is for patients of all ages offering complete, comprehensive gentle dental care. Canyon Lakes Dentistry employs well-trained professionals who are committed to providing preventive, restorative, Endodontics, Dental Implants, sedative dentistry, and cosmetic dental services. Our dentists and hygienists take care and monitor your entire family’s dental health all under one roof.

Family Dentristry in Katy

At Canyon Lakes Dentistry in Katy,Tx, we focus on individual needs and concerns. That includes general checkups, oral health consultations, patient education and all the required dental treatment. Educating children about oral hygiene can help them maintain a healthy teeth and beautiful smile for life.

Our team of dedicated dental professionals conduct a meticulous dental examination to give you a comprehensive treatment plan. We help our patients feel comfortable from your first consultation visit to dental treatments to maintenance visits. With our experience in family dentistry, we ensure our patients are in great hands, regardless your dental needs.

Dental Exams & Checkups

How Important is Oral Hygiene?

The key to preventative dentistry is good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits. Effective brushing and flossing can reduce bacterial build up on teeth, however regular dental visits are necessary to remove hardened calculus, which your tooth brush can’t clean off. Proper dental care maintains a healthy smile and prevents inflammation, gum disease, infection, cavities and tooth loss.

Why do I need regular dental check ups?

Dental issues can arise from more than just poor teeth cleaning practices, they may be dietary related, genetic, stress and / or health related. Regular check up’s allow your dentist to evaluate your at home dental care, as well as other factors which may be impacting your dental health. They can then provide recommendations and preventative strategies specific to your individual needs.

How often should I have my dental check up?

It is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months. This is the average time it takes for enough calculus to build up to warrant dental cleaning and for detectable progression of dental caries to occur. Individuals at increased risk of dental issues due to factors such as gum disease, smoking habits, poor diet, and poor oral hygiene may require more regular dental visits. Similarly less frequent visits may be appropriate for lower risk patients with good oral hygiene practices. This must be at the discretion of your dentist, otherwise you maybe be putting your dental health at risk.

What happens during a dental check up?

Your dentist will conduct an assessment of your oral health though discussion and a thorough examination of your teeth. You may require X-rays for routine screening of areas your dentist can’t see, or investigation into the cause of any existing dental problems. If any issues are identified your dentist will discuss suitable treatment options. Typically during this appointment the dental team will also thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque, calculus and stain that inevitably build up despite diligent oral hygiene. If you experience sensitivity or anxiety during dental cleaning, please let your dentist know, and measures will be taken to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible, without compromising your dental care.